10pcs LDR GL5528 Light Dependent Resistor Sensor 5mm (Diameter) Photosensor Sensitive 5528 TechMakers
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Size (L x W x H) 3.2 cm x 1 cm x 1 cm
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  • Resistance change with the change of the strength of incident ray 
  • Coated with epoxy, good reliability
  • High sensitivity and Fast response
  • Good spectrum characteristic

The photoresistor is generally used to take photosensitive resistor measurement, light control and photoelectric conversion (light changes into electricity). The resistance light dependent resistor change with the change of the strength of incident ray (visible), in the dark conditions, its resistance up to 1MΩ, when light conditions, it resistance only keeps 10-20KΩ. 


Model: GL5528

Max Voltage (DC): 150V Max 

Power Consumption: 100mW 

Light Resistance: 10 - 20KΩ 

Darkness Resistance: 1MΩ 

Spectral Peak: 540nm 

Response time: 20mins (Rise), 30mins (Down) 

Resistance Illumination: 3 100λ10: 0.6 

Operating Temperature: -30C° ~+ 70C° 

Pin Length: Approx. 30mm 

Pitch of Pin: Approx. 3mm 

Diameter: 5mm


Light dependent diode is sensitive to light intensity wherby it's resistance values vary acoording to the illumination of light. Suitable for light saving project or any project related to light

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10 x Light Dependent Resistor LDR